Yahoo Takes Top Spot Overtakes Google In US Traffic


Struggling Web media company Yahoo has gone through many ups and downs during the previous years. One of the original brands still surviving since the early days of the World Wide Web, Yahoo has since fallen considerably from its top perch as one of the more popular websites that helped in making the Web what it is today. The company has seen its value falling over the years and has lost a majority of its influence in terms of shaping the future of the Web. But despite all that, Yahoo is still alive and kicking and trying to claw back out of obscurity. And it seems that the current management has been making better decisions. It is once again on top after so many years in terms of being the most visited Internet property in the US.

According to the numbers recently published by ComScore, a firm that crunches up the numbers relevant in the digital world, Yahoo has recently taken over the top spot over Google for the monthly ranking of US Web activity. Based on the numbers, Yahoo has the lead over Google for the most visited Web property in the US for the month of July. It garnered a total of 196,564,000 visits for July. It had a slight edge over Google who took a total of 192,251,000 unique visits. Google has been consistently on the top spot since April of 2008. This signals the first time that Yahoo bumped the online search company into second place.

One reason for the increase in US traffic for Yahoo may be attributed to the purchase of Tumblr, a very popular blogging site, in May of this year. While Tumblr is considered as a separate entity from Yahoo, ComScore also indicated that the site has assigned some of the traffic to other syndicated entities. In a way, Yahoo traffic may have benefitted considerably from the Tumblr.

Although the numbers are just from the previous month’s traffic activity, it may be considered as an achievement for Yahoo. Getting the upper hand on Google is not always an easy feat. If Yahoo can maintain the top spot, then it has something that it needs to further improve on. It is a much-needed accomplishment in the company’s extended bleak period.

Next month may be a different issue altogether. It is possible that Google may take back the top spot since the difference between them boils down to the slimmest of margins. But for now, Yahoo can relish on their achievement and will surely provide a needed morale boost for the company and its employees.
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