Innocube DLP Pico Projector for Kids

The recently concluded CES 2013 has brought out some innovative and interesting devices. There were some that catered to general consumers while there are also other devices introduced that cater to special uses. One probably interesting introduction involves one from Texas Instruments called the Innocube DLP Pico Projector. The colorful Innocube DLP Pico Projector may […]

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Five Health Gadgets From The 2013 CES

Health monitoring has become quite an important part of daily life. That is why people nowadays are on the lookout for devices that help them keep track or monitor their health in the most convenient means possible. The recently concluded 2013 CES at Las Vegas has showcased a number of new health gadgets that may […]

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BioLite Camping Stove

Going on the great outdoors offers people some challenges that they need to face. Getting shelter and food are but just some of those challenges. Some may also need a source of power that they might need for heat, as well as charging their different portable devices that may be sorely needed even when out […]

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Desktop Jelly Fish Tank

Having a pet to take care of can greatly help some people from stress. The calming effects of having a pet nearby may even be a means to cope up with the problems and concerns of everyday life. But it takes a unique kind of pet that people may prefer at home or sometimes even […]

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HD You Vision Video Glasses

People certainly would like having a mini video camera to record just about anything concerning everyday life. But some would want to record it from a first-person view just to see life from their own perspective. After all, it can create such an interesting video to look at. And for those who want to do […]

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