Toyota Announces Cars On Auto-Pilot In Five Years

When you take out the new flashy designs and features of cars today, you will notice that nothing revolutionary have been introduced. What may be seen as innovative lately are the use of hybrid engines that combine gas and electric power to run cars and save up on fossil fuel. You can also add GPS […]

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Five Health Gadgets From The 2013 CES

Health monitoring has become quite an important part of daily life. That is why people nowadays are on the lookout for devices that help them keep track or monitor their health in the most convenient means possible. The recently concluded 2013 CES at Las Vegas has showcased a number of new health gadgets that may […]

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A Look At Five Other Health Gadgets From CES 2013

There were a wealth of health gadgets and devices recently introduced at CES 2013 held at Las Vegas recently. It just goes to show that consumers have this increasing need to look after their own health through self-monitoring made possible by current and innovative technologies of today. Here is a look at another five devices […]

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